About Us

Founded in San Diego, California, TREATTEES™️ is a black-owned, woman-owned (secret magical creature owned) operated brand, providing unique, whimsically cheeky, light-hearted yet boldly playful items for our audaciously fanciful clientele. 

We aim to provide: 

  • Premium cotton fabrics and apparel that are breatheable, kind on your skin, ethically sourced with sustainability features recognised by trusted certifications (safer for human health and the environment). 
  • High-quality affordable products featuring on-trend, original designs
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Minimizing environmental impact with our production and shipping practices

We hope you'll find something in our collection that tickles your inner child, makes you smirk or…rethink your existence👀.

We offer out-of-this-world apparel for all magical beings amongst us who are trying to pass as humans  (๑◕ܫ◕๑)  Thanks for shopping with us!

Stay You-nique🫶🏾💗♥️