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Treattees: Deliciously Cheeky, Devilishly Chic Clothing✨🕴🏽

Welcome to Treattees™️– apparel for playfully cheeky patrons with a penchant for the peculiar. Each of our collections are a portal to the extraordinary. 

Enter our Naughty Ginge™️ shop where gingerbreadmen smirk with mischief; we solemnly swear they’re definitely up to no good.

😋The real spellbinder? Our "Treattees" collection – a cheeky twist on treats guaranteed  to turn heads and trigger giggles.

For a touch of 🌶️spice and vintage flair, visit our Glamournatrix™️ shop and indulge in our pinup art-inspired pieces!🥵

Our premium cotton apparel are breatheable, kind on your skin, ethically sourced with sustainability features recognised by trusted certifications (safer for human health and the environment). 

For those who dare to be different, our collections of whimsical wearable art is a nod to naughty, rebellious you. Treattees™️is fearlessly fun fashion that is out of this world. 🌌✨🧁💫